About Us

Great Consult Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2009 and in the business of providing construction engineering and support services to the telecommunication, Building and Civil Construction, Electrical and other engineering services.

We have been in construction and commissioning business since 2009 having Plessey Nig Ltd, one of the frontliner of MTN contractor, a South Africa Company. Great Consult Nigeria Limited started safety in 2011 with wide knowledge in Telecoms projects and construction projects in building & Civil Engineering.

We have contributed reasonably to the expansion of GSM networks in Nigeria mostly in the area of:

Turnkey Site Building
Network group support and maintenance
Engineering consultancy i.e TSS, Soil test, Site Drawing and As-built site drawing.
We will continue to do so as long as transmission capacity & subscriber base expand, given way to the necessity of site roll-out. Great Consult Nigeria Limited provides engineering inspection of sites for proper audit. Our professionals interface closely with our customers and other project professionals to deliver a cost effective functional solution.

We guarantee seamless operations as the case may be on site. We are interested in partaking in the building and construction of BIS site where you have interest and we are ready to mobilize to site the discretion of the management of our beneficiary client. We are stalwarts of integrity and as such we do not negotiate our stance when honesty and faithfulness is at stake. We are devoted to adding value to your business, saving cost for you in your project, deciding win-win situation and making you smile in satisfaction. Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to doing business with you.


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified true copy of memorandum and article of association
  • A certified true copy of Form CO2
  • A certified true copy of form CO7
  • Tac Clearance certificate
  • Workman compensations insurance Policy
  • Medical to staffs



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